H-881 REMIX spray gun

Universal paint spray gun REMIX H-881 HVLP system with a top cup. Recommended both: for finishing works and for applying of filling primers. It is used for the application of various paints and clear coats such as: 1K base paints, 2K acrylic paints, clear coats, filling primers, anticorrosive primers, etc. Also suitable for water-based paints.

The brass spray head is highly wear-resistant. The nozzle and needle are made of stainless steel, the body is anodized.

RM-H-881-141,4 mm
RM-H-881-171,7 mm
Technical details
Nozzle 1,4 mm, 1,7 mm
Pressure 3 bar
Air flow 425 l/min
Tank volume 600 ml
Location tank top
Diameter fitting 1/4“