AFRL-80 REMIX water and oil separator

Water and Oil Separator REMIX AFRL-80 with Pressure Gauge, Air Regulator and Lubricator Cup is a two-stage air purification filter with a pressure regulator, pressure gauge and lubricator. It is used for the preparation and purification of air in the pneumatic line for working with pneumatic tools.
- The filter removes effectively mechanical particles, moisture and oil from the compressed air supplied from the compressor.
- Air Regulator helps to control the inlet air pressure to a desired value.
- Lubricator cup makes oil get an atomization effect to send atomized oil to the elements of air tools and extend tools service life and keep them work better.

RM-AFRL-80-140,7-8 bar
Technical details
Pressure 0,7-8 bar
Max pressure 9,5 bar
Diameter fitting 1/4“