MASKING PAPER REMIX masking paper 42 g/m2

REMIX MASKING PAPER 42 g/m² is designed to protect the individual parts of the coating and vehicle parts from the paint mist when performing the painting works.

RM200-6042 g/m260cm x 200m
RM200-9042 g/m290cm x 200m
RM300-6042 g/m260cm x 300m
RM300-8442 g/m284cm x 300m
RM200-3042 g/m230cm х 200m
RM200-4542 g/m245cm х 200m
RM200-12042 g/m2120cm х 200m
Technical details
Density 42 g/m2
Size 45cm х 200m, 30cm х 200m, 120cm х 200m, 84cm x 300m, 90cm x 200m, 60cm x 200m, 60cm x 300m