Masking the car for painting

It is very important to take the importance of covering non-staining surface. Therefore fining paper density should be not less than 40 g / m2, it should be solid and not have the slightest lumens.
In no case can not use colored paper or paper strips irregular in shape.

Before applying the paintwork material, It is necessary to cover the surface with a masking tape
to drawing the borders were not visible.
Paper is glued over the entire surface, it is important that no air gets caught

The main materials used to mask the car are paper and film.

It is convenient to use them with special rack dispensers for distribution.


The masking material is glued on the basis of crepe paper. Scotch differs in width and temperature regime of use from 60 to 90C.
There is a special adhesive tape resistant to the effects of atmospheric phenomena.

For parts with complex shapes using a special contour tape.

In order to bend the rubber band of the pasted glass, a special adhesive tape with a non-adhesive rigid plastic part is used.

With the help of a thick foam roller, you can raise the rubber band of the seal.

Roller with adhesive portion
Roller for masking the openings to exclude the entry of the getting dust from the paint. Available in diameter 13 and 19 mm.